FEATURE: Redirect to poll after login/registration flow

Continuing the discussion from Is there a working group registration flow?:

Could the same feature as the linked topic for groups be added to poll topics as well? I am using polls for event signups and other first time visitor use cases. Would be nice to take users back to the poll after registration/login.

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Polls are regular topics, so you could redirect to a poll.

Thanks @pfaffman. I checked this again, and it appears:

  • Correct: regular topics (with polls) redirect back to the topic after an existing user logs in. No issues there.

  • But: unlisted topics (with polls) redirect back to the home page after an existing user logs in. So slight edge case here but would be nice to redirect user back to the unlisted topic.

  • Still an issue: would like new registrations to return user to the topic (with poll) as it does for groups in the linked topic. Currently, new registrations are redirected to the home page (unless you have the redirect users to top page setting enabled).

Not sure if a topic (with poll) being unlisted complicates things but would be nice to at least cover the registration scenario.

The Reply button on a normal topic has the same behavior for new registrations–>users are returned to the home page instead of the topic where they hit the Reply button.

Not the end of the world, but would be nice to avoid the reaction for a new registered user: “What just happened?” or “Where was I?”

It sounds like you are using Unlisted as a way to make topics “semi-private” as a workaround to have topic level permissions (I think of Unlisted more as “a step away” from Deleted) If so I think that deserves its own discussion.

But I agree, if a new member registers from a topics Reply button it would make sense to help them get back to that topic when the registration process is complete.

Maybe a link to it in the confirmation email?