Feature Request: Automatically add users to groups based on custom field value

(Kstaikov) #1

When creating a group, we have the automatic membership setting based on a user’s email domain name. I would like to have this functionality based on the value of a custom field.

Example Use Case

I have a condo community with a dropdown custom field signifying ownership status (Owner, Renter). I want to have all owners automatically in an owner group and to be able to message only all owners for certain messages.


This sounds straight forward for dropdown and confirmation custom fields, but I guess could get hairy for text fields. It would be fine to enable it only for dropdowns and confirmations, otherwise exact text match is fine for text fields.

(Kane York) #2

Since these are user settable custom fields, you can just make the groups open membership and tell people to add / remove themselves via the /groups page.

(Kstaikov) #3

Not realistic for my use case. Hard to get a bunch of random homeowners, some very old, to bother going around tinkering with their settings. It was hard enough getting them to just register once to get the emails, and it’s hard to even get them to pay attention and do stuff even when there are financial penalties.