How does the 'Add user to group through User Custom Field' script work?

How does the Add user to group through User Custom Field (by @leonardo) script work?

I can’t get it to work despite trying a few things and trying to decipher the code. But it would be really helpful!


Hi Nathan!

It’s meant for a rather specific use case where you want to ensure that users belong to a certain group based on a custom field that they filled in on signup.

Let’s say the custom field is “favorite soccer team” and it contains a list of choices. The script runs on a recurring trigger, so users will eventually end up belonging to a group with the same full name (not just name) as the value they chose, if the group exists.

You can look at the tests for some synthetic examples: discourse-automation/add_user_to_group_through_custom_field_spec.rb at main · discourse/discourse-automation · GitHub


Brilliant! Would that also work for Multiselect user fields? It could be just what I’m looking for.

It will only make sense with Dropdown type user fields, because Multiselects allow choosing more than one value and the script does not support multiple groups as target. It’s doable, but it would complicate the logic a bit. PRs welcome :slight_smile:

Caveat: never use this with a text user field, because users would then be able to choose any group to be added to. So far Dropdown is the only sane choice.


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