Feature request: Empty tag page rather than page does not exist

We are using Discourse internally to facilitate communication between developers, QA and project managers. We use categories to separate out discussions into the respective large projects or teams we have. We use tags to signify which JIRA ticket the topic/question is related to. It’s super useful, for us at least, to go to /tags/{tag_name} to see all the discussion happening on a particular issue. But, we’ve found that tags that don’t exist show a view “This page does not exist…” We think it would be a useful feature to show a “Be the first to post…” type view instead so that tags URL can be more portable to those who want to just focus on discussion in a particular tag.

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I’d be a bit concerned that you’d end up with a whole lot of posts against tags that were simple misspellings…


This would also create infinite pages in Google’s index, which is also a big problem. Every single combination of characters that could be imagined already “exists” as a tag page.

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That’s understandable. We don’t care because we are behind a firewall.

Could we show an empty tag page with HTTP status 404?

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Seems like that could accomplish what we are looking for while preventing the issue Jeff brought up.