Switch from TAGS to TAG broke links in posts and "Delete Unused Tags"

Our forum software was updated to version 2.8.0.beta6 about two weeks ago.

  • Previously tags was used in the URL for the overview as well as for individual tags. But now the latter requires tag in the URL, so all links in existing posts take you through to the Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. page.
    • I made extensive use of such links in this table. I could have updated the URLs, but that would reset the click counters.
    • By pure luck I noticed today, that there is a redirect in place, but it only works in the composer’s preview or if you enter / edit a URL in the address bar. So, as a workaround users have to refresh the page.
  • Also Delete Unused Tags seems to be empty. However we have some reserved, but unused tags.

Not knowing how and when you are going to solve this, I went ahead and updated the tag-links in the table as this inconvenienced our users.

Here is a repro of the redirect bug: getting-started (press F5 to get redirected)

For Delete Unused Tags I do not have a workaround.

Wrong. We switched to tags listed by group yesterday. As a side effect unused tags are displayed at the end of their groups.

Are there actual bugs here @tshenry? I can’t tell.

The bugs / oversights are:

  • The redirect for legacy links only works, if you open the link in a new tab - which is why it works in the composer (s. my OP), as you cannot open the link in the composer’s tab.
  • Delete Unused Tags does not list any unused tags.

only tested in Firefox

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This looks at least resolvable by running a remap task on your server?

Can you expand here, is there an easy repro. When I run this on meta it certainly lists 8 unused tags, so there is something about the tags it is not finding for you.

Being just a moderator I do not have access to our server. And given the few instances buried in old threads this is probably not a priority for our admins. I will suggest it, though.

It has not been working for me since, maybe it only works for admins now.

If it is not a privilege issue, what could our admins do to address this?

I think this should now be resolved. :crossed_fingers: