Feature request: Permalinks like TOS to function as static pages

Hi there,
with the new upcoming European privacy law and probably similar laws in other countries there are page that need to have information presented in a certain way. Static pages are a solution for that and we already have them but they are defined by the system.
My idea would be to extend permalinks for topics with an option to show the page like “ToS” or “Privacy”, that would combine two systems we already have and give the site owner the freedom to meet all the requirements given by the local or international law.

We would create a topic in the Staff Section, create a permalink with the “static” option and then create a link somewhere on the site for it. The “static” option has to make the topic public visible and remove all the stuff which makes a topic a topic :stuck_out_tongue:

In the future that feature could be extend with ACL like in categories that way internal only static pages would be possible.



So like this? Terms of Service - Discourse Meta

As far as I know, Discourse works exactly the way you describe, that page is based on a private topic in #staff :slight_smile:

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Yeah exactly like this, but I meant that as the example for how it should function. Currently this does not work. If you add a new topic for example “Impress” and create a permalink to yourdiscourse.com/impress instead of showing a layout like that Terms of Service - Discourse Meta it brings you to yourdiscourse.com/t/impress/### with the standard topic layout.

It was probably unclear because english is not my native language… I blame the media or was it my teacher… anyway I hope this clear things up a bit.


You might want to take a look at ProCourse Static Pages. Also, Disclaimer section on the "about" page has some tips on how to add static content until such a feature is added to Discourse.


I saw both of them but the first did not make sense because we already have everything to make this work in the code we just can’t use it yet. The second is my interim solution until we have a better one, like my suggestion. I didn’t want push this or expected that this is done tomorrow, I just had an idea how this could be solved and wanted share it.

Maybe I should change the title to “Feature idea”, request sounds probably to pushy.