Create a custom page

(Ryan Hidajat) #1

Hi, I wonder if its possible to create a custom page like FAQ, TOS, and Privacy page. and I also notice that they are actually a Topic. if its not possible to create custom page, how can I make a permalink like FAQ, TOS, and Privacy page.

(⛰️) #2

You wish to make custom static pages like the defaults? (eg: FAQ, TOS, Privacy Policy)

Searching the terms category:plugin custom page led to this hopeful answer.

I checked the forks of that github repository linked.

From there, I found that someone was kind to update the plugin to pull the latest version of the high_voltage gem.

Be Well. :raised_hand:

(David García-Navas) #3

I think this feature has been covered via multiple ways… Perhaps this plugin is more advanced?:

(Ryan Hidajat) #4

I’ve tried this plugin, I don’t found to change the permalinks on this plugin.

(Codecademy ) #5

Check out what I have done on my forum:

(Tobias) #6

Will you share the solution?

(Daniela) #7

A plugin has been released in the last days, it is free for 1 or 2 custom pages.

(Tobias) #8

Yeye, i saw that :slight_smile:

(Daniela) #9

Otherwise codeacademy uses a custom banner (not a page) and there should be a plugin for the banner written by @vinothkannans.

Search in the #plugin category if you are interested.