Feature suggestion: TL boost for new users who link established social media accounts

I tend to routinely increase the trust level for new users if they have any of the following characteristics:

  • one or more linked social media profiles
  • a work email address
  • a local (I run local community forums) IP address which is non mobile, and not a VPN

It’d be handy if this could be automated as far as technically possible

For example, a automated boost to TL2 if someone linked a Facebook/Twitter account that was 1+ years old with 100+ friends/followers?


This looks like at least two different functions:

  1. User locality test
  • a local IP address
    • non mobile - not sure why mobile is an issue?
    • not a VPN
  • a work email address - further evidence of locality?
  1. Social media test
  • one or more linked social media profiles
    • longevity
    • friends

I see a third test given that a second type of locality test is to the workplace rather than the discourse user locality:

  1. Workplace locality test
  • a work email address
  • matching IP locality

Would I use it?

My first thought is that I would never use it as I don’t have any neighbourhood/locality sites.

I would generally only automatically promote to TL2 for users joining gated groups (with relevant category permissions) by say:

Regarding tests on IP geo or email addresses - this is probably outside the scope of automation here, which is why my suggestion focusses on testing social media profiles (as this ought to be easier, technically)

It’s not an issue to use a mobile IP, and of course I would not penalise any member for doing so.

In my use case, I simply apply extra trust to those who have used a static IP which is geo-located to the region that the forum covers.

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Your suggestion makes it look like you wanted everything. It wasn’t clear that the example is the test you want.

But that social media alone would be a test that I would use to promote to TL1.

AFAIK, you can’t tell if an IP address is static unless you know the ISP and plan features.

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A plugin could do that, but what is a work email? If you’re willing to build a set of domains. Actually, you can do that right now with groups. You can automatically add people to a group whose email address matches a domain and you can have a group automatically set the tl.

I don’t know whether it’s possible to see how old a Facebook account is from the API (sounds like a day’s work to do that if it’s possible).

The ip stuff is harder, though some service providers give a hint of you do a reverse lookup of the ip. (or maybe they don’t anymore)