Feature suggestions

Hi, I just want to suggest a few feature changes. Been using this for a year so I have a lot of feedback

  1. Can you implement a dedicated shoutbox? One that’s already opened when the page loads – the Babble plugin doesn’t have that as an option, so it’s just this little icon in the left corner that nobody clicks on. Pretty sure they don’t check their Github anymore.
  1. Can you have an option for disabling the profile pic that comes up with every post or just replacing it with a preview or image upload similar to Reddit? I’d rather the users not know it’s just me out here posting to keep the forum alive – it looks kind of sad.

  1. Every topic has the same color. I can’t change it, and it’s very confusing. Why are there multiple colors? They don’t appear anywhere.

  2. Can you implement static pages? I use a plugin but it’s a little wonky and sometimes it disappears.

  3. Can you add more customization for the front page ie category arrangement / visual changes? If I could make it denser for example that would be great

Thank you

The color options that are checked in the screenshot you posted are just displaying the categories that already use that color, not the colors being used for individual posts.

As for arrangement I’ve found that setting static category positions helps quite a lot. Making them denser would just require some changes to the theme as well.

Making them denser would just require some changes to the theme as well.

How do I do this?

Also how do I change the category color