Feedback form / reporting bugs


Has anyone added a “Bug or issue logging” form to their forum, which sends the submitted details to an email address? I’m just wondering how to approach this.

A simple solution is to set up a ‘Bug’ Category and then watch it for new Topics. You will then get emailed when a new Topic is posted. This doesn’t solve the ‘form’ element though.


Thanks. We have a category currently, but we want to seperate it from the forum.

Also take a look at the Tickets Plugin 🎟


It’s an old topic, but you could make use of the auto-fill links. If you want a template one on your forum you could use either the How to create a new personal message via a link with pre-filled information or How to create a new topic link with pre-filled information.

But you can do a similar thing with an [email=] wrap as well: