Feedback on new 🍔 and user menus

Why is the UX different here than for all the other top-right menus?


It appears that the hamburger menu slide out is set to “slid out” state on Safari without the menu items and unable to slide it back in.

Another minor annoyance, and this is really nit-picky, is the menu covers the progress bar. So when you are reading a topic, should you open the menu and keep scrolling, you have no idea how far down the topic you really are.

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Perhaps we should look again at @rewphus’s proposal to merge the user drop-down with it…


Worth considering, but perhaps adopt the same behavior with notifications and search too?

I think it makes the most sense to combine hamburger with user since user has basically nothing on it and they are both “rightmost”

I also really like the idea of one less glyph on the screen a lot.


System won’t let me post screen shot. Replace xx’s to see Safari issue on our site.

You need to use -webkit-transform: translateX (0) and -webkit-transform: translateX (330px) to get it working on Safari

@sam says Safari fixes were already checked in, so you might want to check GitHub before reporting this any more?

I fixed the transform issue, also noticed that stuff is really messed up in site settings cause its missing prefixes which I am about to add.

Fixed the swipe thing but it feels a bit too easy to trigger so going to disable for now. getting the algorithm for swipe right / left to work perfect is artwork.


OK, I made the call to disable “swipe” support. Getting this to work “perfect” is incredibly complicated, anything less than perfect means that we accidentally trigger “swipe to show hamburger” in cases where you do not really want it, which quickly gets very annoying.

We can investigate swipe again maybe in a month or so when we get the basic non-swipe function working really well… but warning, this is almost as complex as the “synching the preview position” function for the editor, its easy to get something working, but very quickly has tons of edge cases.


If we combine the hamburger with the user menu, I don’t suppose there’s anything we can do to make it look more… clickable? I once spent 5 minutes looking for my bookmarks before I realized the user photo was a dropdown, I thought it was a profile link.

Even now I’d expect to find “My” stuff in it but not necessarily anything else.

Is there some kind of visual treatment or subtle iconography you could add if we took that approach?


could make it all one big button… the lines and icon both.


As it stands, the X to close it not being anywhere near my mouse seems kinda odd… despite that clicking the (now detached) hamburger icon again will close the slid out to the right.

This is probably a bug rather than feedback on the UX but clicking on the other dropdowns should hide the sidebar.

That’s an interesting idea, something similar to the Facebook app potentially?


I get and kind of agree with merging notifications and user icon, but less enthused about creating a mega hamburger of everything.

I just juggled around positioning in Desktop so it does not override the header, I also corrected margins a bit.

Still a bunch of fiddling to do… but making progress.

Double scrollbar is kind of annoying on desktop:

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You can see why scroll bars are ultra suppressed (only visible when scrolling) on all mobile and OS X. I think they generally should be.

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