Feedback on the AI Helper

Some feedback on the AI Helper feature. The prompt for proofreading the text should be changed to exclude all the [quote] blocks. Example:

:point_up_2: clearly rewriting the quote is not desirable.

I would also consider:

  • making the :sparkles: icon a dropdown and allow people to select the option there
  • integrating this directly in the preview instead of opening a new window (not sure how exactly though)
  • allow removing specific options (ex: our internal community always use english, so the first option is not relevant)
  • allow adding options with custom prompts. For instance, what would be super high value for us is not proofreading but changing the style to make the text more compact

One thing that can potentially unlock a lot would be:


That reduces a lot of barrier cause you don’t need to even open the composer and add sub options such as, “condense/expand/proof read”

Love the suggestions, keep them coming.