Add more advanced options for the AI in the composer

Greetings, I apologize in advance if this message is inappropriate :pray:

I understand very well that the team working on this plugin is doing a lot of work and probably already has a roadmap for developing the functionality of the plugin. Iā€™d like to throw in my two cents :sweat_smile:, although my vision may seem awkward :see_no_evil:

But, nevertheless, I decided to share my vision of the future functionality of the AI assistant in the post editor (composer):

Image source and GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui-promptgen: stable-diffusion-webui-promptgen

We have no plans whatsoever to pursue a oobabooga like UI here, and the idea is to make the UI simple and quick to use.

People needing full control of the LLM output can always use a dedicated tool for that.