Fig - Native Discourse client for iOS

To extend on what you’ve said, Fig feels like the Apollo (for Reddit) of Discourse.


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I would be interested in embeding this in my own app. Reach out to me at steve at

I noticed that drop-down menus appear to be invisible in Fig.

I am talking about drop-down menus like this.

They appear to be invisible in the Fig app.


Def interested in white label!!

Very nice app. I wonder how did you get the email addresses to send an email about your application? I just got an email from you today about this app and an auto-link that adds my forum automatically to the app when users download it using it.


Cool app but yeah the unsolicited email isn’t cool. In my case they just sent it to a catch-all email. So in other words they guessed. I get all of those “guessed” emails. That said…

I do really like how it looks and how it operates. My only concerns would be how it handles plugins. We don’t use a lot, but we have a few that I consider core to our forum.

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Thank you! Popular plugin support is being added. But I get that Fig May not work for all communities.

Communities contact email is in the About page in the Contact section.

In my case you would have had to dig through the FAQ or you guessed :face_with_monocle:

Ah I see, yeah it’s that email I put there.

This app looks nice, though it has issues with Onebox previews.


I also like the discover tab, but how are you getting the communities listed there? I see my own community listed there and I do not want it listed anywhere on the internet without me opting in.

Also, how can I (or others) remove their community from being listed there @Mo.K?


PM me here or if you have the app still you can email me via the support email listed in setting.

Cool, will do. How are you getting the communities listed there though?

How does Fig provide push notifications from sites hosted on Digital Ocean, for example? I thought you would need something like a plug-in added to the site in order to do push notifications.

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Made using Catalyst?


Do you use a web viewer or render the content of a topic in some other way? :thinking:

Sorry if I sound ignorant, I only work with Android