Fig - Native Discourse client for iOS

It’s a free app, unless you want to use it for a completely private community.

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Thanks! It just wasn’t clear because in the paid version it says “unlimited posts” or something like that, which implied the free one was limited.

Hello, first I want to say that I love your APP.

Secound, when I am on the Topics Tab and I press the Topics Tab again the App just closes. This happens only in Portrait Mode on an Ipad Pro with the iOS 14.8 Beta. So it could be a Beta Problem but I think it might be interesting for you to know.

And one Request that was the reason I was looking for an app for reading the Discourse Forums. I am searching for a way to see all my tracked topics, not just the unread ones. I cannot find a way to do this.

Thanks for your great work.

You probably want to post this in the Fig app developer’s forum.


Ah… thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

How do we get the fig app to play “domain protected” Vimeo videos that are native to the discourse forum? Meaning you can play them in a browser in the forum, but when you go to fig you can’t? Thanks

Thanks for this! One problem that I’m experiencing is when I go to Bookmarks, they are empty. The personal messages I’ve bookmarked don’t show up. See comparisons below.

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Hmm, it seems Google analytics does not work for users using this app. Is there a way to get this working for the app?

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Is there a development timeline for this (really cool) application? :grin:

I noticed how the last update to the application was in July 2020.


I tried getting in contact through the developer’s forum, but it appears as though he put it in “read-only” mode when this reply was created. Around the time of that reply’s submission, it had been nearly two months since somebody had posted something.

From there, I tried to get in contact VIA the official email addresses, but I never received a response.

Does the developer read this topic? I love his application, but there’s a bug that I desperately need help with.

Thanks in advance! :heart:


Just as an update, I tried contacting the official “Fig” Twitter account:

I haven’t received a response yet. I’m going to try contacting the developer’s Twitter account too:

Wish me luck!


I was wondering if it is possible to get a license to have my Discourse community on the app store as a standalone app? I believe many people would be interested in that.


You don’t need a license. There are several communities that have standalone apps on the AppStore


May I know how is it possible to create a standalone app connected to my discourse community?


Yes, there are ways to do it for free. Fig probably isn’t what you’re looking for though.


Did you manage to get any reply?

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Unfortunately, no. I never received a reply.