File Extension Whispers



As I have discussed a few times on meta, we use our installation as a centralized support platform. One issue we have had however is frequently our customers will upload information that should be secret or hidden (backups, programs, etc).

This has always been a hole and we have manually had to remove the files when approving the topics via moderation. This led to an additional manual step sthat we had to rely on our team members to complete and not forget.

This plugin removes the need for staff members to manually extract files from posts. Essentially it works by reviewing the post and finding any attachments. Any attachments that match a configurable list of extensions is removed from the post and is replaced with placeholder text. The attachments are then added to a staff whisper.

Use Case:

Customer A uploads a backup of his system configuration. A team member approving the post forgets to remove the private information from the post.


  • Move attachments with a specific extension to staff whisper.

  • Add a placeholder message to the post

  • Staff members can be bypassed

  • Supports extraction from emails and posts


Nothing special.

Admin Settings:

  • Watched Extensions - List of extensions to remove from a post

  • Move to Whisper - Enable to move removed files to a staff whisper

  • Message - Placeholder text to add in place of the attachment

  • Staff Bypass - Allow staff members to bypass the filtering