Hiding uploaded files for specific users

(jj11909) #1

Using a similar path as found here, it is possible to hide a file with a specific file extension for users that are not staff?

In our install we frequently have customers upload backups which could include private information that we would like to auto-hide for non admin users. I was thinking something like this would work but I would have to capture the .tar extension?

I would love a second opinion.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Why don’t you ask your customers to uploads the backups in a PM to staff? Then, only them and the staff will be able to see the files.

(jj11909) #3


This is actually how we are doing it now which does work however many customers frequently forget which then requires us to manually move them over or hide them in a staff whisper. In a perfect world this would work however we frequently have staff forget to do this which leads to a liability risk on our end.

(Michael Brown) #4

At the risk of featureitis, would it be a useful thing to have another site setting allowed extensions in PMs? We could make it impossible for them to upload these files to public topics.