File Repository for Resume Templates

I’m starting a job search community that will allow job seekers a discussion forum (mostly related to jobs, the job market, salaries, resumes, etc). One section that I intend to build is a resume template library where users can upload and/or download resume examples that they can use as a template for their own resume. Another section might include salary data and/or research documents.

Any suggestions on how to set this up and/or how I should approach handling this using Discourse? For now, I simply created a new category called Resume Templates, but I’m afraid it will ultimately become a hodgepodge of uploads and discussions which wouldn’t make it easy for anyone to find a list of templates easily.

Thanks in advance for your guidance and insight!


I don’t think there’s anything automatic you can do here unless you wanted to build a custom plugin.

There are a few category-specific settings that might help:

  • You can set a topic template that sets up the basic format you want topics to take on. Someone could delete the template and post whatever they want, but hopefully the template gets the point across.

  • You could raise the trust level for posting in that category in the security settings, this way you know that the people making new topics have at least read some content on the site and might be more aware of the rules.

  • If you want to be very strict you can enable the category setting Require moderator approval of all new topics. The downside is having to manually review everything, but the upside is that you have complete control over the content.