Find allowed interpolation keys for email template

I’m trying to customize a specific template:

This message is sent if someone tries to reply to the email digest. This happens in our communities, for example, if someone is really not familiar with digital technology and wishes to get in contact with us about how to use the site.

We want to make it easy for them to find their way back to the site, so I’d love to include the %{site_title} and the %{base_url} variables, but I’m getting an error:
The following interpolation key(s) are invalid: "site_title, base_url"

Is this because those variables aren’t available on this specific template? If so, why aren’t they available, as global-site wide variables on every template?

Is there anyway to link back to the site dynamically from within this template?

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I have a similar issue. I’d like to encourage people who receive emails about new posts to reply by pm. Somehow, when I set up my site, I added
You can also [respond privately](%{base_url}/new-message?username=%{username}&title=Your%20post%20in%20%{topic_title_url_encoded}&body=Regarding%20your%20post%20in%20%{base_url}%{url}).
to the user_notifications.reply_by_email text. Now I want to edit this field and I can’t because I’m told that username and topic_title_url_encoded are invalid.