Finding all groups of the poster in a topic

I would like to show small flair for all groups of a user on every post in a topic (under the username). I have the basic functionality working, but I hit the wall on finding the groups of the user that made the post. In the attrs of the post-meta-data widget, I can find some details of the user, but groups are not included. I think I need to add the groups to the post serializer, but I’m not sure how to do that.



Not an expert – In a plugin, you can add the groups field to the post serializer, something like that:

) { object.user&.groups }

However, keep in mind that, as it is, anyone can see what group a person is in.
That said, I believe that as long as you’re using a flair, the group’s name will be visible to anyone, regardless of the permissions.

You could also insert a new available_flairs field to return only the group’s flairs necessary fields:

add_to_serializer(:post, :available_flairs) do
  flairs = Array(object.user&.groups&.map do |group|
    next unless group.flair_url
      url: group.flair_url,
      bgColor: group.flair_bg_color,
      color: group.flair_color


I hope that helps. :+1:


This component maybe of interest during post creation maybe to add flairs to post during creation?

The second solution is exactly what I’m looking for, but I can’t get it to work. For some reason the available_flairs array doesn’t show up at all. Am I right assuming the code should go to the plugins.rb?

To appear in the post-meta-data context, try using the API. This should work!


That did the trick. Thank you for the help!

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