Finding Groups by Site Search

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Looks great! Thanks for your work, @joffreyjaffeux :tada:

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Can we do a bit of a line reduction?

Remove line between tags and categories, remove line between users and groups, move “more” link for users to underneath groups, have it do “more users + more groups” in one go


I feel rather strongly that we should not be putting lines between user/group and tag/category. Those are logically related entities.


I am liking this addition - thanks!

One note is that it means sloppy community managers will have to go through their whole list of groups and make sure visibility is set up properly, otherwise groups created to provide access or whatever reason will show up and might look weird. Also, groups set up to provide access to private categories should include a link to the category otherwise members might find themselves on the groups page and not know where to go talk.

It only shows 5 groups even if there are more matches?

Width provided for groups in search results is a bit too narrow in cases when there are not categories or tags with longer names also showing up - see screenshots below.


On my site we use very long group names, which look especially weird. Not sure there’s a good answer for this or how much it really matters, but thought I’d mention it.



I think we still have a bit of inconsistency here:

  1. Community tag is bigger than community category, text height matches when you look at topic title we should match here.

  2. Meta has: prioritize username in ux as false and display name on posts I think as a side effect it is nice that it forces us to this format:


I think it would be more correct to then match it in search and display Name in bold and then username in weak (which is also what the user card does)

  1. I think we should piggy back display name on posts and show the group name as well in the same priority rules as usernames do above.

So in the example above we should show:

Community Team

  1. I think we should force the group icon to be as big as the user icon for better alignment. Groups can have custom icons we should display them (for example plugin authors here)

  2. More button should be moved below the groups (I think it looks a bit clearer)


I just updated the PR with this nice list:


This is now merged and deployed on meta. Think we can close it for now, feel free to reopen @sam if I misunderstood some of your requests.