Allow users with access to a restricted category to see who else has access

(Michael Pavey) #1

Continuing the discussion from Prioritize showing group members (not posts) on group landing page, describe groups, provide groups directory:

Thanks @downey (and @tobiaseigen). That was definitely useful to know; equally it confirms that it unfortunately doesn’t meet my requirements! To recap, what I’m after is a way for those I have invited to a private discussion group to see who else they are sharing their posts with. This is primarily to create trust and reduce inhibitions.

As per @tobiaseigen’s suggestion I am configuring access to the private categories using groups, so essentially what I am looking for is a widget that shows, on the category homepage, all the users belonging to the group associated with the category (or a selection of them, with an option to click to see all).

(Tobias Eigen) #2

Why do you need such a widget? How many people are in your groups? You could just provide a link to the group page from the “about this category” page.

Have you seen the feature that lets you mention everyone in a group at once, just by using @GROUPNAME - expands automatically to include everyone. You could put this in the “about this category” page and keep it up to date, if it’s not too many people.

(Michael Pavey) #3

10–20 people as currently envisaged.

Thanks! That’s a pretty good solution, at least for now.

I guess adding everyone’s usernames to the “about this category” page would save a click, but we like the idea of having a more visual interface with everyone’s avatars and preferably real names. In fact, we might even want that clicking on them would then take you through to their profile page on our existing system, rather than their Discourse profile page. (We’ll be using SSO for the integration.)