First Post badge

Why are there no badges for the first post/topic? Is there a way to customize it?


What you can do is make a badge, then use the Automation plugin to grant it


yeah, but am I right that the only option to do so is through the API?

Yeah, unless you want to manually do it. The only things that automate by default are the badges you get on a fresh install

thanks a lot for your help, @Pixlz! :hugs:

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It is possible to have Triggered Custom SQL badges if you self-host, or are on a hosting tier that supports it. :+1: (Enterprise for us)


oh, that would be amazing, but our site is not self-hosted, alas :frowning:

Anyways, thanks a lot for this solution!

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Wow. I could have sworn that I got a First Topic and First Post badge, but I see none such in my profile here or at I’d recommend these as a default.


Yeah, I also thought I had the same feeling :sweat_smile:

Hopefully, there will be such a badge in the future.

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Here’s something roaringly funny, @Helga_Razinkova:

When I checked my notice queue yesterday and saw this:


I thought “Oh, look…someone has enabled the First Post Badge!! We get the badge now!”
…then I saw that it was a :heart:. Haha! :rofl:


oh my! That’s indeed funny and so disappointing :sweat_smile:

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