"First X" badges might be annoying

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I really enjoy using discourse, and at this point I think I’ve joined dozens of various discourses across the open source community. Joining the new discourse is actually a pretty common activity for me, and I do find various low-level badge notifications like “editor” annoying. I see how they can be useful for users new to the platform, to teach them what’s available.

But, as a discourse veteran, I’d love there to be some form of “skip tutorial” checkbox when I register for a new discourse.

You can already do that.

When you register you will get a full screen overlay asking if you want to skip it:

You can also do the same on you profile if you missclick on this step.


I think this is different. What I am talking about are notifications for badges specifically. Skipping the tutorial doesn’t remove the “Earned ‘First Like’” notification. Basically, as a new user, I need to dismiss a notification for any action I do, as many actions are awarded with some kind of “First” badge.

Looking more into this, seems like there was a bug that prevented this setting from actually disabling badges notifications? It seems it was fixed fairly recently, so perhaps the fix (FIX: Skip notifications about beginner badges by AndrewPrigorshnev · Pull Request #12819 · discourse/discourse · GitHub) just didn’t tickled down to the discourses I use?

The above screenshot was made just now on the https://zigforum.org.

EDIT: yeah, it seems this work correctly on this instance.


Yeah, that community isn’t running the latest version of Discourse according to the page source.

As I’m typing this reply, this is the latest version of Discourse.

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Looks like Zig is running an over 6 months old install that is missing several fixes, including security ones. You may want to ask the admins to update it ASAP.