One user does not get some badges although others do

We have one user that constantly fails to get some (but not all) badges e.g. first emoji, reader, first onebox.

However, we do have other users that instantly get those specific badges without any problems.

Logs do not show any badge errors.

How can this happen?

She is constantly complaining about it, as she is a badge hunter.

But she is right. It’s not working (even after the 24-hour grand badges job).

Allow badges to be awarded is active in all our categories.

Sidekiq is running without any problems, and as said this seems to be limited to some users.

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if this person goes to his/her preferences > interface


is the option Skip new user onboarding tips and badges ticked or unticked ?



YEEEES, Jesus, you’re a champ @IAmGav … I was burning my brain about why the heck she does not get her lovely badges. Thank you!


Strangely we have not ticked default other skip new user tips -> Skip new user onboarding tips and badges.

And she insists not having ticked that box in her settings either.

Anyways, works for her now.

Is that box ticket when a user signs up and skips the overlay onboarding thingy? If so, is it a good idea to have this bundled with badges in this case?

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Yes, so if this person wants all the badges, even the repetitive beginner ones, they can’t skip the new user stuff in the beginning.


Isn’t that confusing? We get complaints by new users, that don’t get the badges because they signed up and skipped the onboarding thing, without knowing this also automatically disables badges e.g. I always immediately skip these onboarding overlays in other apps, but disabling the nice badges at the same time? That’s not a good idea at all.

Onboarding and badges should IMHO not be bundled together, new users don’t know that this box is ticked for them and are confused why other new users getting badges and they don’t.

And your case about repetitive beginners even supports my logic. Those KNOW that they can disable the setting, new users don’t know that badges are automatically disabled for them if they skip the usual (boring) onboard overlay tour (which most skip).

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It does say “… and badges” in the description to the user. Maybe that isn’t clear enough for some?

I think you can write what you want in there, people just click it away, right away, without reading IMHO.

They’re used to it… keyword “Skip” is always instantly clicked, because either ad or unnecessary.

In light of this, no badges setting should not be bundled with onboarding skipping.

And no, it does not mention anything about badges:

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The complaints were certainly bundled together :wink:

The problem that the “Skip” button is solving is explained in the words that come immediately before it: Not your first time?

When you’ve joined 6 Discourse forums in the past, both the welcome PM and the initial badges can be a little annoying. (Personally, I mildly enjoy the milestone badges, but can certainly sympathize.) The request was for a solution to both, so we solved both.


Understood, but still, our users are all completely new to Discourse and very much like the badges and wonder why they don’t get them. As said before, and because Discourse may be introduced to more communities that have not had any contact with Discourse, it’s not a good idea to take the engaging beginners’ badges away with this “accidental click.” In particular, because they fire up the engagement of a new user.

And again, users used to Discourse know that they can change the badges and where with just two clicks. And as per majority rule, the badges should be awarded. Just because a small minority is annoyed does not support the case here in my point of view. Every new user should be treated as a completely new user to Discourse IMHO.

But hey, I can just relay our experience of a massive community that we just migrated to Discourse. And this is one of the things many users are confused by.

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Is there an easy way to untick the flag from all our 40.000 invited users at least? Getting too many complaints about no badges being assigned to all these new users.

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You can probably change the user preference for all users at the SSH / Rails command line.


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