Fix a bug in a voice record plugin

I installed this plugin: GitHub - synweap15/discourse-voice-record: Voice recording plugin for Discourse
Have a fresh and latest version of Discourse.
Got a problem: there is no a microphone icon but a place for it exists and all functions work correctly.

I checked a code of my site and this page (the plugin is working correctly there Natalie from Australia - Listening, speaking, pronunciation and accent - TOEIC & TOEFL English learning forum ) and found differences:

I need to put the icon to the first left place within the tool bar: Screenshot by Lightshot
Also would be great if you could add some functions to this plugin.

Terms are 4-5 days.

Budget depends on all tasks. I need to fix it, ready to listen. You are welcome!


Maybe our friends at pavilion will be interested in taking this on. I’d also love to see this plugin picked up again and given some improvement, and posted this over there last summer. Where has the time gone?!

My use case right now is to provide a simple way for my family to record themselves reading children’s books for my nephew who is quarantined in his apartment in Paris! :slight_smile: For now we are recording using iphone and uploading the recordings which then become playable inline. It works fairly well but is an extra step and takes a bit of wizardry which some of my older relatives are struggling with.


In the plugin, the icon is added like this:

Try in:


Add an icon like fa-microphone, for example. Appeared?

I’ve submitted a pull request to the repository to fix the issue (no charge).

We’ll see about longer term maintenance, perhaps through Pavilion.

edit: PR has been merged.


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