Fix the Hamburger Menu

Hi, I updated to Discourse latest version and I have an Issue with Hamburger Menu:

As you can see it’s not hidden. I make some changes to the CSS because I need a larger canvas, but I cannot fix this. Any hint?

Can’t you just add:

box-shadow: none;
background-color: transparent;

to #hamburger-menu.slideright ?

I would use something like

#hamburger-menu.slideright {
  @include transform(translateX(900px));

Thjank you @zogstrip, but now I have a problem: I push “cancel” to cancel my previous css overrides and I delete the entire profile. Where do you save them? I have a backup

I’m not sure I understand… You don’t need to “cancel” all your other CSS overrides to apply this one. Just add this to your current customization or add (and enable) another one :wink:

Sure, but I try by myself to add some CSS changes, and I push “cancel” because I want to revert to the original state. And I discover that “cancel” delete the entire “customization profile” :frowning:

You should go to Admin > Logs and you will find a history of the CSS changes :wink:

“No value”. I must recover the customization from the backup.

Is there something messed up with your install? Anything non-standard?

Looks like your issue is fixed, glad to see your forum is still running!


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