Fixing Ctrl + Z for editor toolbar button actions in non-Firefox browsers

Using the editor toolbar in e.g. Chrome has unintended effects:

If you try to undo the changes done to your text with Ctrl + Z, this will not work. Instead the last change done before using the toolbar button will be undone, leaving the changes from the toolbar buttons in place. Unquoting, unstyling, unpreformat a paragraph can be very cumbersome.

A previous discussion was closed to avoid bikeshedding, but as I don’t agree want to get this fixed I asked for clarification and was told to open a new topic. Here we go:

I think the current, unwanted bahaviour, is caused by the direct setting of value in the toolbar actions code: Only Firefox likes it this way, all other browsers seem to like document.execCommand('insertText', ...) better.

Research on this is here:
google chrome extension - Javascript textarea undo redo - Stack Overflow

Wouldn’t it make sense to implement a setValue() and differentiate between browser there?

Next steps on this would include:

  • Map the current state of functionality (state right now: Firefox works, Chrome doesn’t - what about Safari, Opera, etc?)
  • Which browser are officially supported by Discourse?
  • Are there other files involved in this functionality that I didn’t find?
  • Maybe look into how other editors handle this functionality - this has to have been implemented a dozen times already.

What roblem are you facing?

See the previous discussion I linked to:

(Note: It works as expected in Firefox, but not most other browsers)