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There is the Official Discourse Follow Plugin

Thanks @Moin. As far as I can tell with that plugin anyone can follow anyone (like Twitter public users) but there is no concept of approving a follow or a friend request for access.

Do I have that wrong?

No. I got you wrong.

For iOS web app view, the select and +topic buttons are halfway hidden by the system’s navigation bar. This wasn’t a problem before, was this caused by a FKB update?

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Hey @thisisjoshjones :wave: Thanks, I’ve merged a fix. :+1:

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Thank YOU!

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Very minor one style glitch:

Bot icon comes from Discourse AI, and I don’t know witch one sets white background, the theme or AI-plugin.

(This topic needs some cleaning :woozy_face: Close to 400 posts is way too much to start find if this is already answered)

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