Flagged Topic Actions


If a moderator chooses an option for a flagged Topic, such as Disagree, but it should have been Agree, is there anyway to revert that decision, as another moderator or administrator and select the correct option? Or, once the decision is made its made?

Thanks in advance.

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There is no way to undo this at the current time.


Hi Jeff,

Ah, ok, thank you. Do you think it will be something that may be added at a later stage, perhaps an Admin being able to undo the action of a moderator for example?

I have the exact same problem as the OP

Before finding this topic found:
How to Undo Official Warning


While I do have admin rights to the site, I do not have SSH into the server.
Discourse site: SWI-Prolog

EDIT 09/05/2019

Related but different issue: How to unflag or unignore a flagged post

Any status change on this? Would using SSH be a possible way to revert the choice?

The guide also said:

so using the admin email you use on your site, send us a request to team@discourse.org with details about the user (username, email) and the warning to be deleted.