How can I undo a flag?

How did this not get asked before? Lol

I am not sure if this was a feature here before but a while back you were able to undo your flags a short period after you do it. Not sure if it was a plugin on our end but I see no reason for it to be a plugin. I sometimes go to flag a post and accidentally choose the wrong option. Now moderators will not accept the flag because the reason is wrong. Is there still a way to undo it then? Or should I make a feature request??

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This was a feature but it was removed. I recommend you send a PM to the moderators on the site and explain that you flagged something accidentally.

Will do, I guess. Any reason for it being removed though? Must a plugin be created for our website just to get the feature back?

Feels too niche in my opinion for us to make a plugin just for our website when this is useful for all discourse forums.

If you get a message at the bottom of the post you flagged that is grey and says:

You flagged this as inappropriate

Then it is not a plugin

I understand that. What I meant was, would a plugin be needed to re-implement the undoing of flags