Flagging + Moderator Tool Enhancements

It’s been a long time since we revisited the flagging and moderator tools in Discourse. The interface worked well enough, but on some forums that dealt with a large volume of flags, things could get a little unruly.

Improved Flagging Interface

If you get the latest version of Discourse, you’ll find a modified flagging interface:

  • It’s a single column layout, and flaggers are listed below the post to allow room for displaying many more.

  • You can click to expand the post’s full contents.

  • You can suspend directly from the flags page. If you do, it will be logged and associated with the post you flagged.

Suspension Improvements

There are also some changes to the suspension modal:

  • There’s now a rich timeframe picker to choose a timeframe for your suspension, with some default values to make suspending faster.

  • You can optionally input a message to the user you’re suspending. If you do so, the message will be emailed to the user when they are suspended.

  • There is a new site setting hide suspension reasons that will hide suspension reasons from a user’s public profile.

Flagged Topics View

There’s a brand new view that groups flags by topic. This is useful in high traffic sites where the same topic might have many changes. The view will try to give you a bird’s eye view of all the flags in all the topics on your site. If you click the magnifying glass button you’ll get a filtered list of flags restricted to that topic.

Supercharged discourse-assign

We’ve heard feedback that some forums have several moderators who work on the same flag queue simultaneously.

If you install the latest version of the discourse-assign plugin, extra functionality will be attached to flags:

Clicking the “claim” button will assign the topic to you, and prevent other moderators from operating on its flags. This gives you time to look into things without worrying and stepping on another moderator’s toes.

It will even sync claims across our message bus so that you can see who is claiming topics without refreshing your browser:

Sep 25 2017 1-58 PM - Edited

As always, please use this topic to provide feedback and report bugs! Cheers and happy moderating.


Unusually long words can cause formatting issues. This giant “word” is causing the the div to expand instead of wrap.

I see an alignment problem here:

A speling mistake:

There are no flaged posts.

I’m not sure why these are showing in our ‘old flags’ - these may be artifacts of the old implementation:


I think you already know about this, but discobot posts shouldn’t show up IMO:


Great enhancements! :rocket: The ability to reveal the post’s full content was much needed. Thanks! :heart_eyes:

Suggestion: Can “show full post” be omitted if there is nothing extra to show?


Where can I read what the moderator agreement / disagreement / deferring actually does?

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You should check out the Discourse Moderation Guide.