Creating Custom Flag

Hi there,
I’m deploying an development instance of discourse at the company I work,
and I need to add a custom flag with something like this “candidate to knowledge base”.

Someone knows an plugin or configuration for me to create a custom flag, not only the “inappropriate” and “others” flag that it is already on the discourse?

Thank you.

Wouldn’t a tag work for that? We have a very similar #faq-material tag here.

No, we need a custom flag.

I would be interested in this too, with a ‘please delete my topic’ option.

It was discussed earlier and is on the roadmap but does not get requested a whole lot. May be a while!


Hi @fredlima @codinghorror - I am very interested in this addition as well.

Having a custom flag option so that an email can be sent to a certain admin would be very very valuable. Say, I would like to flag a post that needs to be reviewed by legal. I hit the flag button that says: [Legal Review] and the email gets sent directly to our company’s legal counsel. Thus, they can fix the flag and I can freely post back to the question.

If this coding is possible, could you let me know how I could go about making it?


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+1 here for support forums that require escalation to specific staff that can provide immediate assistance to the member.


+1 for a custom flag.

I like the OP’s idea of a Knowledge Base candidate and would consider adding it too. Our need is for a “Violates Eula” flag as well.

Are you aware of the assign plugin?


Is it staff or general users that would be flagging it for review?


+1 For This.
In our forum, we are trying to avoid full, working solutions in posts, so users can learn instead of searching it up and copy/pasting it without learning. Many users are aware of this and are using the something else option when people post a solution, but it becomes waaay to annoying because it’s used too much. A custom flag will save their time and our time.

It’d be users… and the EULA would be specifically about our software, not the forum.