Moderator discussion of spam, etc. flags



Some user flags, like spam, do not generate a (private) Message topic. We often use those topics to discuss what action to take. It’s probably fine that the initial flagger (assuming not a mod himself) isn’t part of this discussion, but it would be good to have a reply or start a discussion topic on the flag interface. Otherwise, we’d need to create a separate one to have a discussion about what to do, which means extra work and so often doesn’t happen.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Like a checkbox to optionally create a private message topic for moderators?


That’s not a bad idea for that dialog. But even if the flagging user didn’t have anything to say beyond the semantics of the flag, the moderators might, and it makes sense to have it connected to the flag, I think.

(Mr.Burns avatar therefor TDWTF) #4

If I’m understanding what you are asking for it’s like a button to start a PM on flags that don’t auto create one? That sounds like it makes sense to me as making a PM for every spam flag is probably not needed, but something might be questionable rather than obvious and having a PM tied to the flag would then be useful.

(Stephanie) #5

A workaround for the moment: click through to the flagged post, and then initiate your own custom flag to start a discussion with the moderation team. It’s an extra step or two over having a built in feature for it, but it’s still a pretty smooth workflow.

(c-i-p-h-e-r-1) #6

I think what the OP is asking for is the ability to create a moderators only message from the flag admin page, at least for flags that don’t have a message already attached. Perhaps it should even be an option for all flags, as sometimes there may be a need for the moderators to discuss a custom flag where the flag creator cannot see, but still have it conveniently linked to the flag.

(Andrew Cz) #7

A little late to the party, but I just became a mod on, which uses discourse.

Another drawback to the workaround is that there is no way to link to the flag, or otherwise directly reference it in a PM. This can become problematic when old flags need to be referenced, as they are not able to be linked to.

Also, if one of my fellow mods closes a flag, I have no indication what was done - the flag itself does not specify. Adding the PM option would allow resolution descriptions to be posted only if necessary. Most likely this would be easier than adding additional options of how the flag was handled directly on the flag page.

The reply option to flags if they are opened with “something else” is what I see the template being most effectively set up as. Adding a “reply” option that PMs “@ moderators” would alleviate both problems, without introducing auto-spam to moderators, because the option to create the PM would be available on an “as-needed” basis.

Moderation Tools
(Jeff Atwood) #8

A bit of a bummer, since that double flags the post. Our improvements to group private messaging might enable a better solution down the road somewhere on this.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #9

Couldn’t there simply be another button to go with agree, disagree, defer, and delete? Something along the lines of “Discuss”, that creates a PM with @moderators just like the something else flag does?


Right about now I could use a merge threads tool ; -)

I didn’t explain myself as eloquently, but I am also seeing a hitch in the modding tools for this area.

(Erick Guan) #11

“Old” tab shows decision logs. You can find who permit or reject the flag and even deletion.

This sounds a quite reasonable feature request. For a flag, you can:

  1. approve
  2. reject
  3. defer
  4. delete
  5. (new option) discuss

It may be included in defer option.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

This is still a good idea; I added this to the long term todo topic in #releases

(Bart) #13

I’m curious if this ever got implemented and if it was, how it works? Our moderator team has been trying to understand how they can best discuss flagged topics. At this time, it seems only ‘custom’ flagged posts have this ability.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #14

It has not been implemented yet, still in the long term todo topic.

The workaround solution I’ve seen used on other sites is to have a topic (or topics) in a moderator only category that are started when discussion is needed. Not as clean as a “discuss” button in the flag queue, but it seems to work pretty well.