Flagging or Watched Words?


I have a small team of moderators who work in shifts.
We have certain words that need to be ‘flagged’, but not prohibited, or marked as bad - we just need a way for team members to see when/where certain words were posted.

I’m thinking maybe the Bookmarking feature may be helpful here.

If we include these words in the Watched Words list will they be prohibited? B/c we don’t want that… we just need to be able to quickly see when/where certain words were posted w/o going through every single post.

Any suggestions?


You have two options

  1. saved search, triggering on those words
  2. watched words, flag on encounter

The latter is more invasive since it forces an auto-flag every time the word is posted.


Thanks so much for the reply! Does saving a search require a plugin?

You can give it a try by going to



Did you end up fugiring this out, or did you use some plugin?

Me? I have not needed a plugin for what I’ve wanted to do. What’s in Core, as answered Flagging or Watched Words? has always been sufficient.