Best Practice for auto-flagging watch words

Hello, first post here.

I would like to have the ability to set up words or phrases in the content of a post that, when used, automatically creates a flag for a moderator to review. The use-case is watch words that indicate a suicide threat.

A nice-to-have on top of that would be the ability to let a flag be “hidden”, so it only appears in the moderator list, not on the original post.

I’ve done some looking around, but I haven’t found an existing implementation of this feature. If it doesn’t exist, I’m going to take a stab at a plugin to accomplish the same.


@eviltrout is currently working on adding support for a generic queueing system for posts which can be used by plugins. You’ll have to wait for it to be done (hopefully this week) and then you’ll be able to hook into this system in your plugin :wink:

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Has there been any progress on this by any chance? I have a use case where I need certain words to cause a post to be flagged as needing to be moderated prior to being published. If a word is recognized in the post, a Moderator would need to approve the post before it goes out. I want free and open discussion in most things, but if they mention certain things in their post, I need to be able to intervene before it is visible to the rest of the community.


Looks like it is already implemented, found the steps here: When watched words regular expressions is true, watched words does not allow uppercase regex

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