Floating comment section on external url // opening external link in frame within forum?

Hello all.

I am looking for a specific feature in any forum software: I would like that the user would be able to go straight to an external url (for instance a news article) and in the new page, to see either a frame, a floating box, etc, of the comment section from the original site (my site), so instead of going back and forth between pages, the user is able to read the comments and comment on my site from the external destination page. I hope my explanation was clear enough, tho I could try again if necessary.

Opening the new page in a frame within the forum would do as well.

Thank you in advance.

This was discussed a few times in the past, at the moment we have no plans to add “disqus” like comment embedding, we only support “readonly” embedding as seen on https://blog.codinghorror.com