Focus does not move to profile menu when opened from keyboard

Continuing the discussion from Various keyboard shortcuts no longer working:

The original report topic has been closed because the other issues have been resolved, but the problem with the Profile menu remains.


Same is true for = (just to be fair) and based on my limited testing right now using latest stable version of Chrome on Windows 7.

Animation showing issue on Meta (first part shows j/k not being used), latter part shows the affect afterwards once j/k has been used to navigate posts.

You will also see, that even without using j/k. the focus isn’t actually on the menu that is opened, but on the container of the menus. So you have to tab a few times to get into the menu.


This issue still exists with both Profile and Hamburger menus. Any possibility of getting it fixed?

@TechnoBear I’ve just added a pull request here: