Keyboard shortcuts wish list

Keyboard shortcuts to the Profile page and Hamburger menu would be greatly appreciated. The Hamburger menu is much easier to navigate for non-mouse-users than the Categories page.

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Just to add more info, it would be nice if any shortcuts to these menus would also place the focus in them, so tabbing, doesn’t take you away from them again.


Anyone want to suggest shortcuts for the hamburger menu and the profile menu?

p for the profile menu?

What about the hamburger menu? Can’t use m because that is used for muting, so I’m open to suggestions. My goal is to work on this, this week.

hamburger: = ?


I like that. :smile:

A PR to add that shortcut is welcome, should be fairly simple to wire up.

Yep, it is. Getting it to focus on the first link is proving to be interesting though. As the data isn’t loaded yet, so there is a race condition.

I’ll submit another pull request to set focus to the first link, once I get that working :smile:


Second PR to apply focus on the hamburger and profile menus. Still need to come up with a good solution for the notification menu (but if you open it, close it, and re-open it quickly, it sets the focus ;))

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Could you by any chance change the shortcuts for “Next/previous section”? Those currently do not work on some keyboard layouts.

I suggest using Shift+K and Shift+J.

I just put in a better PR for the tabbing through the Site Map and Profile menus (one that doesn’t interfere with the mouse interaction).

I’m getting push back because I’m not supporting the up/down keys… there is a reason for that. Keyboard users use up/down to scroll a page, not cycle through links. Tab is used to cycle through links. In fact, the up/down interaction breaks the search results for keyboard users. We can’t open Show More :frowning:

So if this is on your wish list, please help show your support for it. :smile:


Personally I think tab is fine.

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Sorry for being pedantic. For actual dropdowns, up/down is more typical. But the hamburger menu and profile popups aren’t really dropdown menus anyway, I suppose… Don’t mind me.

your alopogy has been accepted by the management :slight_smile:


Now I think you’re just messing with me. You didn’t think I could let that slip by, did you?

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Yes, for actual “select2” – think category drop downs, don’t think search, notifications, or menus :slight_smile:

I can definitely accept that up/down should work for places where a select html control would be used (or select2, or whatever Discourse is now using ;)). That I very much agree with.

Sorry, if our discussion got lost in translation, it didn’t occur to me that may have been the line of thought.

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Unless I’m confused, I don’t think there’s a keyboard shortcut to expand the new or updated topics. I can use G U to switch to the unread, but it would be nice to be able to just expand the latest.

I suggest . (period) as the shortcut.


That’s related to this:

A shortcut to compose a new reply to the current topic.

I’ve seen the ` key used successfully for this purpose, (and it’s quite nice) but you have to check to make sure a textbox doesn’t currently have focus, etc,etc.

Shift + r replies to topic.

If you mean a shortcut for “Reply as New Topic”, I’d love that too. :slight_smile: Possibly t?

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