"Focused" Tab on home

What does Focused tab mean

Focused Tab is a new way to get a closer look to interests you really want to :eyes:!

How does Focused tab work

It is a tab that displays:

  • a mix of Latest/Popular topics from categories the user decided to “Follow” (or Pin)
  • topics based on user last activities
  • recent topics started from users you follow

The feature you’re proposing has heavily reminded me of something else. I like your proposal! :grinning:

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Yeah, it is similar. It would be good having a more personalized Feed!

As part of the solution, take a look at the Follow Plugin 👨

This adds to vanilla discourse the ability to follow users and provides an additional Discovery list that shows a Topic List filtered by authors you are following.


Note, for certain communities opt-in is a better default than opt-out when it comes to category tracking.

Setting the mute all categories by default site setting, switches the forum to a mode where people need to opt-in vs opt-out

You would set it so people have certain categories default tracked, and then users can opt in to what they are interested in and have a very focused latest feed.

FYI @mcwumbly I think you were kind of interested in this problem in the past.


I meant this, but on the category side

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If Sam’s suggestion is not good enough, there is this plugin, currently broken:

I did offer to fix it if funded by someone in the community.


Shouldn’t this be part of the setup wizard if it is so important as a choice @sam?