Following tags and top feed for followed tags

I am starting a local community for multiple locations, where some posts are not relevant to the whole community, i.e. new restaurant for a location. How can allow users to follow and see tags are relevant to them only in homepage, i.e. I open up the website, I want to browse through feeds that is interesting to me.

Is there a way to deal with this except a home page feed (similar to that of reddit but I like Discourse’s style more and I think we are at a point that we need a middle ground between social media and forums).


We’ve just started exploring some features related to customizing Discourse for people who only want to see their tracked categories/tags/topics. So we don’t have the option of a custom home page feed yet, but we do have some new features heading towards that direction.

The most useful one for you at the moment would be the ?f=tracked url parameter. So for example, you can visit to see only the latest topics from
categories and tags you track.

With this you could add a custom nav item using the Custom top navigation links theme component and use /latest?f=tracked as the URL.


Cool. Guess I will start off with this then see where can we go from there.

I will be doing some research and share my results here sometime in the future.

I see Facebook group as good solution to Forums but it’s not quite there yet. Discourse is somewhat on the same ground but is extensively much more valuable as it is more manageable than a Facebook group. Both of them are different solutions but they are solving the same problem - a place for people to gather online.

Thanks for the input.

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Yeah but in the case of Discourse you own your own data. :wink:


That’s useful @awesomerobot . I think it would also be useful to be able to combine tracked, watched and first post watched with an OR or something. That would probably cover the topics the user is interested in and can be even used for a kind of “focused/favs” stream.


Okay, I just tested it and looks like it already does that (I thought it takes only the tracked categories/tags, but it does indeed include also watched and first post watched), which is great.

I also tested it with the Custom top navigation links - the drowback is that when it’s selected it still highlights Latest and not the new tab.

I’d also love to be able to select this new tab (I’d call it followed) as Default home page - that would save me so much time having to scroll through categories I don’t care ablout every time.

In short I’d love to see that in core - it lould be the solution to the most important feature Discourse misses, being able to see only relevant stuff at first sight.