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Hi, it seems that the last passed-test version has an issue with notification. I follow someone, that user does not receive notification in the notification bar. I checked the user, they have all notification enable. Can you please help?

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Thanks for the report. Please note our support period for looking at breaking changes is 1st-5th of each month. You are not advised to upgrade outside of these times. See the policy in the OP.

In the meantime, perhaps you could see if you have any suspicious looking errors in your logs?

What do you mean by “notification bar”? There is no notification bar used by the Follow Plugin.

When they open the notifications list via their avatar in the top right do they see notifications with the two people icon and the person they are following’s username next to it?



(cropped for privacy).


Thanks for quick reply.

As far as I can tell, I do not see error in the log.

“notification bar” is the list from the bell icon as you had in your example. Other notification like “reply” or “like” are show in the list. but no “people” icon to indicate someone is followed/following.

I can see the notifications are in the table in database but it is just not showing in the notification list


Great plugin. A couple comments after test driving it for a bit:

  • Hovering on the notifications shows the wrong titles: [es.notifications.titles.following] or [es.notifications.titles.following_replied] instead of “New follower” or “New reply from someone you follow”

  • It would be great if there was a way to set a global default for these settings:


Those aren’t wrong. They just reflect that no-one in the community has submitted a PR to support Spanish :slightly_smiling_face:

So far we support:

  • English
  • Italian (thank you)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (thank you)

Due to work of members of the community.

Feel free to take a look at the code and recent PRs and prepare a Spanish one. :+1:


You said a user of yours has experienced this - have you been able to reproduce the problem yourself in your account?

UPDATE: I upgraded yday and it’s working fine for me. I received the badge and the additional notification just fine as soon as a user I follow posted. :thinking: More info about your issue please.


Hi, I disabled all plugins except discourse-follow and it works fine now. So I think one of the plugin cause a conflict after the upgrade. I need to figure out which one. Thank you for helping.


Check the javascript console. There might be an error from one or other plugin or theme component. A failure in javascript might be enough to block the notifications.


Is there an option to show how many followers and following you have? Thanks!


You mean on the user card? I can see how many followers/following any user has, including myself, on the user profile.

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Thanks @merefield and @renato. I do have the plugin installed, of course.
I meant to show a total count, yes. That, to my understanding isn’t an option yet…(?)

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Cool, then we were on the same page. :sweat_smile:

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That’s odd… I can see a summary of followers/following count on the profile page:

My instance

Pavillion demo

I agree it’s kind of hidden but we’re all on the same page :sweat_smile:


Gah, you are right @renato.

I was looking at my own profile :sweat_smile: (tbh though, it shouldn’t really be missing there?)

However, I cannot see this on other people’s user cards, only their profile page, something might be broken there? I’ll investigate.

Sorry for confusion and thanks for your input @renato :sweat_smile:

I’m looking at too broad a set of code to have remembered this detail … forgive me!


It took me some time to realize that I could expand my own profile to see these infos.

Yes, same here. And I just noticed something odd, look what happens when I click on the “+5 more” link (the followers/following stat appears momentarily):



Yep I can repro that. Pretty strange!

@sok777 so sorry, this is a bug, not a feature missing. On this occasion I might get to look at it sooner, but normally we don’t look at breaking changes until 1st to 5th of following month.


OK, this should be fixed now.

Actually a fascinating insight into the workings of an EmberJS based web-app.

The data was missing from the User Card serializer, so I’ve added it. There was a breaking change quite some time ago which switched the data feed for the User Card from the User serializer to the User Card Serialiser, and this can’t have worked since then. I had released partial fix for the User Card to fix the Follow toggle, but it didn’t address the stats.

The fascinating part is that at the moment you navigate to the user profile, for a split second, the data arrives from the User serialiser which unlike the User Card serialised data does contain the missing stats data, but ember takes some time to switch to the new view and re-render. During this delay, the data is available and is displayed on the User Card. Blimey!

@sok777, @renato

PS This is a great example of the value of Unit Tests: 1. The breaking change would have immediately been flagged up 2. The Unit Test existing would help highlight support for stats on the User Card and I would not have had to rely on my memory. I have covered most of the back end code, but front end tests would be really useful.


Thank you ever so much!


How do you actually update a plugin on my end? :confused:

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Unless you are hosted, you can update the plugin from the Dashboard. From there you can go to the Docker Manager upgrade screen and simply update only the Follow Plugin.

If you are not the admin, you will need to give your admin a nudge :).

If you are hosted, ask your host :).