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That’s correct. But looking at the preferences now, I think we need to exclude the Allow people to follow me preference so it’s shown even when the follow notifications enabled setting is disabled because that preference controls more than just notifications. Will fix.

Could it be possible for the Follow Notifications to respect muted tags?

I believe at the moment, if ‘Notify me when someone I follow creates a topic’ is ticked, you’ll get a notification even if the new topic is tagged with a muted tag.

Hello, how can I translate this plugin on crowdin? I went to and search for text show in the plugin but did’t get a result. Can you please tell me where can I find them?

The plugin is available on Crowdin at Crowdin Enterprise, does the link work for you?


Yes! Thanks a lot :+1:

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BTW, how the translation flow works? For example, if I submit translation for the plugin(or for any new strings on discourse) today, how long it expects to be implemented on discourse? (Yes I know I can customize texts on my instance before that)

All you need to do is submit your translations on Crowdin and within ~7 days our translations bot will pick up all new translations and send them in the form of a pull request on GitHub for our review. Once the pull request is approved/merged, everyone will receive the new translations once they update the plugin.


I’ve come across an interesting dilemma with this fantastic plugin. In the past I had chosen to follow another forum user on another Discourse forum that uses the plugin. The interesting part is, the user’s profile is set to private - So I cannot unfollow the user anymore. :upside_down_face: Any tips would greatly appreciated.


We should certainly sort this edge case out, I am guess that the act of turning a user profile to private should automatically cause users following to unfollow @Osama


Excellent plugin! I used on a couple of sites and works very well. Thank you!


This PR will handle this case:

Once the PR is merged and deployed to the site where you have this problem, anyone you follow and has hidden their profile will appear as if you don’t follow them anymore (no notifications, their posts won’t appear in your feed, etc.). If they decide to unhide their profile, you (and everyone who used to follow them) will follow them again.


Thank you @renato for posting this and @merefield for replying.

Have you figured out a fix so that the User Card Directory and Follow plugin work simultaneously?


That was fixed a loooong time ago: Follow Plugin 👨 - #234 by merefield

Unless it’s regressed since?


Hmm, the internal server error was happening for me today, but maybe something’s not up to date on my side. I’ll check again soon and let you know, thanks!

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Ok, I checked more…the User Card Directory and Follow plugin work together somewhat, but not fully on my instance.

When I have the User Card Directory component and enable the Follow plugin, I see this:

Which basically leaves out a lot of the data—bio, website, custom fields, etc.

There are a few errors in the console:

  1. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () ... /user-cards.json?user_ids=1%2C3
  2. Uncaught Object ... _vendor-5ecfe2db96e15c8431ae6b3e8fc90d6e1b3b67936972a19841ce43620f0181f4.js

Any idea what might be happening?

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Thanks for reporting this, this is a problem in the plugin. I will push a fix soon.


Feature name

Follow users on Discourse

Initial considerations
  1. There are many users that I respect and admire. I would like to follow these users to keep track of what they post and what ideas are discussed.
  2. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook allow you to follow a person to follow news about new posts.
  3. It would be very interesting to have this same resource applied here in the Discourse. The feature of following people in Discourse.
  4. I believe that with this feature, the community will be even more united. After all, I can follow people that I think are interesting and have a great job, really help, clarify doubts.

illustrative example


Note: Today I was reading about the announced Category Group Review/Moderation feature. I found a comment about this feature interesting. About this, I really wanted to follow this user.

Feature Description

It would be a button on the user’s profile, where you can click follow that person and if you click again, you will not follow. Think of the effect as a checkbox. The first click is true, the second click is false.


It would be great to limit the ability to follow users not just by trust level but also per group. is such a feature planned?


Is it possible to have the Feed show images and videos? Currently showing just image name.


Yes, that’s by design; we show excerpts rather than full posts by default in the follow feed. To see the full post you can click the chevron icon (looks like this ) to the right of the post and it’ll expand the post so you can see everything.

We don’t have plans to build such a feature, no. Sorry!