Follow Plugin 👨

I don’t want to receive such notifications. I dont want to be notified of every single post they make, just when they reply to me, quote me, mention me, etc.

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Then don’t follow them. Following them is asking to be notified for every single post they make.


Thats not the point tho

I think I get it, you like the Following discovery list, but don’t want the notifcations?

That’s a piece of development work to add some settings to defeat those, I’m afraid. Might be nice if you could selectively defeat each one.


True, would be nice to add an option like that.


Yes, it would be nice to have some control around which notifications are sent or not.

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push notifications translation problem


how do i solve this problem


You need (or someone needs) to submit a PR to add Spanish language to the locale files.


would be nice to add this feature.

He is requesting someone to submit a “Pull Request” on Git Hub for this feature

I was referring to Spanish language. My javascript and Ruby are better than my Spanish (which is not a flattering comparison!).

PRs are in any case welcome!


I recently had following issue with this plugin and adding it back resolved the following issue.

However, I now have a new issue, going to the network tab of users who previously had followers or following others, now gives the 404 page. Can I remove all previous data related to this plugin or can you resolve this issue.

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Disabling this plugin renders user profiles as 404 pages, with the console throwing a 500 error when trying to load

Fulling removing the plugin results in errors as described here: User notifications "all" is empty, but responses, likes, etc have items

I’m also seeing errors like these in the logs:

NoMethodError (undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass)
/var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-follow/plugin.rb:74:in `block (2 levels) in activate!'

This plugin was brought up to date with the latest Discourse a day or so ago. You can see it in action here:


It doesn’t solve the issue yet. I had earlier installed and then I faced issues mentioned here User notifications "all" is empty, but responses, likes, etc have items So I reinstalled and it solved those issues. I had users which earlier had followers and following etc. After reinstalling the plugin the earlier data was still there. But going to the network tab gives a 404 error page. If I intend to completely disable this plugin and remove all associated data, how should I do that so that I don’t face issues? Thanks


I’ll look into your issue, Raj … just bear with me a few days.


OK Raj, to get rid of the Follow plugin fully you need to do the following in a rails console after you’ve removed it and rebuilt:

myFollowNotifications = Notification.where(notification_type: [800,801,802])

myFollowNotifications.each do |notification|

That should clear out the custom Notifications and should allow the menu to work as normal.

If you wish to continue to use the Plugin after bringing everything up to date, please let me know any further issues you face and I’ll take a look.

I’ve updating my instance and performed a checkout and to me it looks good now.

Please remember, for Pavilion plugins we only provide more guaranteed support for the first 5 days of the month, so please restrict your upgrades to one of those days going forward. If there is a breaking change outside of those days and you update your instance, we may not have the bandwidth to assist in a timely fashion.


It worked! The notifications are now working without any issue.

my forum doesn’t have as many users yet so I think :thinking: I should add this follow functionality a bit later when there’re enough users.

I’ll plan my updates accordingly, I’ll probably add some of other plugins by Pavillion. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I’ve just checked Follow to confirm it’s working on current Core, tests-passed.

I noticed that the Following toggle status was broken on the User Card, so have pushed a fix:

Let me know if you are having any issues with this plugin on current tests-passed build.


Hi @merefield,

Will notifications be canceled with the new update

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