Follow Plugin 👨

OK, I’ve gone ahead and built the required logic to give users more discretion on what notifications they receive.

Also, the global setting now switches all follow notifications on or off for all users.

(default: ON)

If this is switched ON, user gets discretion:

(all default: ON).

It’s currently a PR to myself:

I’m currently testing it on one of my sites.

You can test it if you are brave :sweat_smile: :

- git clone -b add_granular_notifcation_settings

This should result in a lot less notification spam for people (so long as you tell them they can switch it off).

@buildthomas with these new additions I’ve switched things around a little so settings are ‘positive’ rather than ‘negative’ (aka enable versus disable). The global setting in admin now impacts all follow notifications. Once this is merged, be sure to let your users know to update their settings as I don’t intend to provide a migration.


FYI This was merged recently after I had some Production time with it. Let me know if you have any issues however.


@merefield idk if you’ve encountered this, but after installing the version with the optional notifications, my forum’s users started having problems with old notifications repeating. They do register that you’ve clicked them at first, but then after a while, those same notifications come back and this cycle then repeats endlessly. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times now using both the traditional method and using the ProCourse plugin installer, and it only occurs when this plugin is installed.


Thanks for the report. I’ll investigate.


Thanks a million, it’s really unfortunate because otherwise, this plugin is straight up fantastic.


OK I found a bug that caused some PostAlert jobs to fail, causing perpetual retries and I believe the observed user experience of intermittent spam.

That probably caused notifications to pop up with every retry. I could see dozens of attempts for each failed post notification in Production. The problem was, some work was getting done anyway but the Job was getting marked as failed.

Please upgrade this plugin asap (please do not peform a full rebuild if possible if using other Pavilion plugins in case of compatibility issues with other plugins and core, as we are outside the support period).

Once you’ve applied the update the failed jobs should get retried and they will now leave the retry queue, hopefully never to return! :gun: :cowboy_hat_face:

As the retried jobs tick out successfully, there will be a last round of notification spam.

@b481 hopefully this addresses your issue fully


Has this been fixed or this is still a bug in this plugin, if this is fixed i can try this, else i will not install it as it will create orphan notifications and break my users UI if i uninstall the plugin, @angus


This is not a bug. If you uninstall a plugin there is no code to run. Use the script provided for time being.

We may provide admin UI to delete the notifications within the plugin some time in the future so you can do that before uninstalling the plugin.

Btw please do not @ people, especially at the weekend. That’s bad etiquette.


This plugins has many bugs.

  • when disable the plugin all profile pages show 404 page.
  • after delete disable, notifications not showing.
    • Javascript gives this error in console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘dasherize’ of undefined
  • when plugin is active old notificatians appears again and again.

The code and the discourse system are at last version.

No, it does not.

This bug was fixed as notified above. Please update to latest tests-passed and the latest plugin version and provide detailed steps to reproduce.

This is noted in OP and discussed in the Topic. There is a script to run if you remove or disable the plugin. Please read this before posting.

So the only unresolved one I wasn’t aware of is this:

I’ll take a look


Please let me know if that resolves it for you.