Font Awesome Kit Setting


At the moment it is only possible to use all free FA Icons or custome svg files in the “svg icon subset” setting.
Please make it possible to use a custome FA Kit to support FA Pro Icons.

Is it possible to add a setting like “Custome Font Awesome Kit Code” and when it is set change the header entry to code like this:

<script src=" kit code).js" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

With this change the “svg icon subset” setting probably can aceess FA Pro Icons and it is possible to use them in the api.

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If you have the Pro icons and a license to use them, you can likely include the SVGs from the Pro set just like any other custom SVGs. See Introducing Font Awesome 5 and SVG icons for details on how to include custom SVG icons.

I’m not sure what the Pro icons include when you purchase them, but the solution is certainly not going to involve loading a JS file from the FA server.