For "Latest", can I hide certain categories?

For example,

As an admin, we have a section that’s super spammy. I prefer not to see this in “Updates” on the home page.

Is there a way to hide certain categories that show up in “New”?

If you suppress the category from the homepage (in category settings) it won’t show up in Latest.


As far as I know, this can be achieved by per-user setting. Just add certain categories to Muted list as shown in the picture below. Ideas won’t be shown in Latest, also you won’t be notified about new topics in this category.


So, I can’t solve my problem with using the “Muted” configuration.

I need a fully functional category, searchable, linkable from other topics, etc. I just don’t want its topics in the Latest shown in the Category+Latest home page setup.

Probably this happens because you are the author of those topics. They are visible to you only.

If you are an admin, check login with another account or impersonate.

Finally, you can play with a muted tag. But such topics are not shown always. You still able search it and find in your activity section.

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