Force a digest send

Is there a way force a digest send at a point in time, before the next scheduled run? I need digest users to get a prompt notification about some issues. A ‘send digest now’ function?

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As digests doesn’t provide any guarantee of content, they are a poor fit for notifications.

If you want an easy way to be able to trigger user notifications, an “Special Announcements” category where only staff can create topics and every user is on the “Watching first post only” state is the correct solution.


Thanks. This was for a once off. But your solution is great.

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@Falco Can you please elaborate on this solution?

  • How to put every user in the “Watching first post only” state?
  • Presumably staff would edit the first post periodically, not add a second post?
  • This would not force an email, depending on the user’s preferences. Any way to force an email?
  • How is this better than sending a PM to @trust_level_0?

For my case at least, I have had to change the domain name of the Discourse server, so I have to send a mail outside its realm, because the site has effectively disappeared. A slightly special use case.

But you have shown me how to send wildcard PM’s. Where is this syntax and capability documented?

Good point, I made some assumptions about being able to PM @trust_level_0. Go to Users > Groups (/g), select a group (say trust_level_0), Manage, Interactions, and set “Who can message this group?” as desired.

Then start a PM (I start with the first user I see) and add @trust_level_0. Everyone gets a notification.

I don’t doubt @Falco’s solution has advantages- this is just how I’ve done it in the past.

There is a site setting exactly for this default categories watching first post.

Why? Don’t know your use case, but most sites need to send a global announcement once in a while and can create a new topic for each just fine.

Public topic has many advantages over PMs.

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