Force a linebreak before and after a quote

Any chance anyone has come upon an easy solution in the last few years to force a line break both before and after a quote?

I think @Canapin came up with a theme component method How to override the buildQuote function? - #2 by Canapin some time back, if that’s any help?

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Yeah, I think I tested it several days ago and it still work if I’m not mistaken. A bit overkill code nonetheless, just to add a new line.

Thanks for the reply. Seems to work nicely on his end, but similar to the other poster in that thread, I couldn’t get his script to fire when I pasted it in .

I was able to get that working by adding

const composerController = api.container.lookup("controller:composer")

to the bottom of the theme component code. It’s related to api.modifyClass sometimes(!) not working - #12 by RGJ


Hey, thank you very much! That did the trick.