How to override the buildQuote function?


I’d like to try to modify the buildQuote function so it adds a new line before the opening [quote] tag.

Basically, modifying this:

  return `[quote="${params.join(", ")}"]\n${contents.trim()}\n[/quote]\n\n`;

to this:

  return `\n[quote="${params.join(", ")}"]\n${contents.trim()}\n[/quote]\n\n`;

Is it possible to do such a thing with a theme component? How do I override this function? :smiley:

I’ve managed to achieve it, but is there a prettier solution?

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8.23">
    function buildQuote(post, contents, opts = {}) {
      if (!post || !contents) {
        return "";
      const params = [
        opts.username || post.username,
        `post:${ || post.post_number}`,
        `topic:${opts.topic || post.topic_id}`
      if (opts.full) params.push("full:true");
      return `\n[quote="${params.join(", ")}"]\n${contents.trim()}\n[/quote]\n\n`;
    api.modifyClass('controller:composer', {
        actions: {
            importQuote(toolbarEvent) {
              const postStream = this.get("topic.postStream");
              let postId = this.get("");
              // If there is no current post, use the first post id from the stream
              if (!postId && postStream) {
                postId = postStream.get("stream.firstObject");
              // If we're editing a post, fetch the reply when importing a quote
              if (this.get("model.editingPost")) {
                const replyToPostNumber = this.get("");
                if (replyToPostNumber) {
                  const replyPost = postStream.posts.findBy(
                  if (replyPost) {
                    postId =;
              if (postId) {
                this.set("model.loading", true);
                return"post", postId).then(post => {
                  const quote = buildQuote(post, post.raw, {
                    full: true
                  this.set("model.loading", false);

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but is this still working for you/have you had to update it at all? I’ve been trying to get this to work and I can’t get it to fire at all, but I’ve been having a terrible time with anything at all to do with modifyClass.

I just tried it, and it is still working :+1:

I literally copy-pasted it in my theme, and it worked without any modification.

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See api.modifyClass sometimes(!) not working - #12 by RGJ

I’m not sure if this has been resolved?

Also see related but different: Issues overriding getters in a controller (3.0.0)


Thanks @merefield and @Canapin . I’ve been trying to learn the Discourse plugin API fiddling around with what feels like they should be simple things like this but modifyClass is so inconsistent when it will/won’t work. I’ve got a little theme component (that one you were mentioned into @merefield ) where two modifyClass calls work but a third doesn’t, very frustrating trying to figure out if I’ve got something wrong or it’s just modifyClass.

Sorry for the OT on your topic and thanks for the quick reply @Canapin


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No worry, I don’t know what OT means but we’re here to help!

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